Two Observations

Greetings again from the loft apartment at the Kalamazoo House. My best intentions notwithstanding, you might notice our volume of posts here and on Facebook were down a bit these last two weeks. In a word: flurry. That could apply to our days, or it could just as well apply to the weather; who’d have thought we’d be snowblowing that amount of snow in mid November? Indeed it made for a busy several days, but as our weekend retreat guests begin to arrive, I wanted to comment on a phenomena that Stephanie and I have already observed here at the Inn. Two things, actually.

One–how incredibly kind and cool our guests have been! Seriously. Nice. People. That makes it so fun for us. They see the relatively new innkeepers working hard, and ironically many seem to be giving us energy and support. They genuinely want us to be successful in pleasing them. That’s huge. And it makes it some much more fun and easy to do.

Two–Stephanie and I have been masters of the “getaway experience” in our own personal world for some time. Just a little thought and planning for the other goes a long way; when funds were short, we did many a “hotel Gibby” weekend even just at home. It’s the effort and down time that matter, and we’ve already seen the three-day transformation of our guests after R&R and TLC. They literally look and act very well, different … by the time they leave. And we can honestly say that the Kalamazoo House is a magical and unique place for those seeking a romantic retreat.

Whether getting a massage (short walk down the street), doing the nightlife, hitting nearby brewpubs, movie theatres, or shows, or better yet being sequestered by your fireplace and soaking tub and never leaving the room—you can create the weekend you wish at the Kalamazoo House. Need ideas? We’re here to help.


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