All Are Welcome Here

Through the years we’ve experienced our share of mission statements, strategic plans, visioning, and other “isms” designed to clarify what a person or business stands for and is. When we bought the inn, I (Steve) always had a desire to articulate something that captured the spirit and intent of our genuine desire to make the home a warm and welcome place for everyone. Today, given all the unsafe places in the world, we wanted to post a draft of our plans for it to always remain this way.

All are Welcome Here

Welcome to our house! We’re truly glad you’re here. This tiny corner of the Milky Way Galaxy is one we have come to understand is truly a special place, well suited to recovery and relaxation—be it from a long work day, or the trials of daily life. This is also a safe place. We’ve enjoyed visitors from far and wide; all are genuinely welcomed here. We very much want you to have a great time while you’re with us.

We all have our own backgrounds, likes, dislikes, and beliefs, and at The Kalamazoo House we honor those differences. We celebrate you and your journey through life regardless of your religious practices, or lack thereof; your sexual orientation; meta ethics; gender identification; body type; skin color; desire to be social or need to retreat; or your proclivity to party it up, or be reverent and reflective. If ever necessary, we will do our best to balance any guest needs that might not be in alignment with those of other guests.

We do make mistakes on occasion, and you can help us learn from those mistakes. Just keep in mind that we don’t read minds, and we are also humans with feelings. We work very hard to make everything just right for you, so if it isn’t we hope you’ll kindly bring it to our attention so we can make it right and understand your concern.

Our standards for cleanliness and comfort are high, and we do our best to balance the Victorian sense of luxury and formality, with a hip, urban, casual vibe. You’ll see us in jeans quite regularly, and if you show up in slippers to eat your multi-course breakfast off china, you’ll fit right in.

Finally, keep in mind that we eat, live, and breath this business, pretty much twenty-four hours per day and seven days per week. Sometimes you’ll see us in the office morning, noon, and night, or sipping wine and chatting in the parlor, and other days we might slip away to a movie or some down time in the apartment. Please simply know how happy we are that you’re here, and give us a call if there is anything we can do to make your stay better, more fun, or more interesting. We’re usually just a stone’s throw away, and are always game.


Steve and Steph, The Kalamazoo House B&B

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