Inside the Life of an Innkeeper

Ever thought of being an Innkeeper? Ever wonder what it’s really like to run a ten-room inn? Me neither. At least not until early in the summer of 2014, when a mutual friend encouraged us to talk with Laurel and Terry Parrott about their intentions to sell the Kalamazoo House. Obviously we have ever since been on a crash course in innkeeping, and it’s my goal to better document that journey for those guests, family members, and friends who wish to join us as vicarious new innkeepers. 

How’s it going you ask? Very well, thank you, at least insofar as the guest experiences appear to be going. And from our personal perspective? Very well also, though I’m a huge fan of candor, and my lack of blog posts here might just be evidence that we sure wish there were a few more hours in each day. Like all things worthwhile and good, it isn’t roses and parades every single day, and sometimes even when it is, we also find ourselves following the horses–if you know what I mean.

Stephanie would be the first to tell you that brevity is not my strong suit, particularly when you put a keyboard in front of me. Though I don’t consider myself any great talent at writing, I’ve managed to hack out a book or two, including one over 500 pages. So the absence of verbiage here on the blog is atypical, and obviously indicative of some triaging. Truly, however the settling phase is drawing to a close, and the improvements, tweaks, learning elements, accounting systems, and logistics of moving ourselves and adapting to a very new lifestyle career are completed. And truth be told, we do love it. Especially the people.

So fear not. For those guests and friends want to hear about the truly fabulous experiences with which we’ve already been blessed, including truly special and amazingly kind guests–or the literal sewage bath Steve took, my goal is to not disappoint you. In the coming weeks, months, and years, my hope and belief is that you’ll find no shortage of such posts as we now settle in to working only part-time, instead of full-time (you know the definition: part time is just the first twelve hours of the day.) 

For today, let me just say that we are very excited and happy about the new life that we’ve chosen as innkeepers. Yes, it’s be grueling in some ways, but the good kind of hard work, and a concerted effort to delight our guests, live up to the high standards set by Laurel and Terry, and in Laurel’s words to build on what we have and “take it to the next level.”

As a teaser, here are just a few of the things I hope to find the time to share with you: Roku; even greater breakfast choices, the wise plan of going along with the prior owners’ policies and operational preferences until we know enough to question them (or more accurately, gain a full understanding of why they are the way they are); the aforementioned sewage bath; some amazing guests (no names); guest fears (we’ve noticed several, luckily we know how to alleviate them); downtown delights; and so much more. 

Thanks for being part of our journey. Cheers!! Onward and forward.

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