Your Check-in just got easier with Streamlined Self Check-in

Steve and Steph's right hand is Kitchen and House Manager Garrett Meyers

Steve and Steph’s right hand is Kitchen and House Manager Garrett Meyers

From printing your boarding pass and skipping check-in at the airport, to going straight to your rental car, the travel industry has gotten the message: Take the hassles and friction points out of travel! So last year when over 44% of our guests enjoyed our “hassle free self check-in,” it got us thinking: it might be time to rethink some of the traditional, default B&B practices like “check-in appointments” and “check-in windows.” And maybe time to stop badgering people about when they’ll arrive. After all, they’re on vacation, or traveling for business. Let’s make it easier!

See the 1-minute Streamlined Self Check-in

See the 1-minute Streamlined Self Check-in

After much thought and feedback, there is no longer a need for check-in appointments at The Kalamazoo House! Beginning immediately, we are transitioning to a Streamlined Self Check-in model as our default mode. Guests will now receive a discrete door code in their confirmation, which they will use to come on in upon arrival (after check-in time of course). No doorbell. No stress.

The codes become active at the 4:00 p.m. start of check-in. If you want to literally see the arrival process and how the door lock works, I put together a one-minute video that shows you exactly how it will look, and how easy it is.


You can go straight to your room to get settled and relax, if that’s your preference—or hang out downstairs in the parlor, or get tied up at Bells as long as you want—without the need to shut it down and make your check-in appointment. Whether at four in the afternoon, or late that night, it is up to you to choose! No fuss, no muss.

If we’re on site, we’re still always happy to show you around, share historical information (we’re building great new historical resources and self-guided tour booklets), or just visit and chat about our great city, if that’s your wish. But it’s important that you assume there will be no door or front desk staff at the exact time you arrive. Even though we live here, the lack of appointments mean we will no longer time our errands, dinner, or personal time at Gonzos (J) to ensure we’ll be there when guests arrive. So to be clear, it is critical that you have your door code with you.

The Kalamazoo House has always been a place that offers choice—like several entrée options to choose from each day, or if you want to be social (including with us), or just chill in seclusion. We hope and believe this move will streamline both advance communications, eliminate any stress about arrival times, and continue our efforts to safeguard privacy at the same time. By all means if you have any questions, at any time, please text, call, or email.

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