The Difficult Decision to Temporarily “Mothball” the Inn

In this time of such uncertainty, our highest priorities are the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees, followed closely by ensuring the security and long-term continuity of this historic institution. With both of those in mind, we’re announcing that together with our stakeholders we’ve made the very hard decision to temporarily close the inn—for an unknown period of some months.  Accordingly we will be cancelling and refunding all remaining reservations on the books.

Innkeepers Steve and Seph in Feb 2020

This Bed and Breakfast is more than just a business, it’s a way of life for us. It’s brought us the gift of a community of valued guests whose return visits we look forward to with eagerness.  We live right here, and this business is our passion. We can’t wait until we can return to hosting you “with bells on”. 

Though unlike a restaurant where a tables can be set apart and sprayed between guests to manage risk, we view lodging—where guest rooms are intimate personal living spaces for a day or more at a time—to be more a much more complicated operation in the current environment. You may know that we are also a healthcare family—with Steph working as a front-line Nurse Practitioner doing admissions from the emergency department locally. As we all now understand, it’s almost impossible to know when we might be unwitting carriers of this virus, and similarly when guests might be infected and asymptomatic as well. The risks in all directions are real.

Steph with “Uncle rico” (Jon Gries) from napolean Dynomite (2020)

Steph with “Uncle rico” (Jon Gries) from napolean Dynomite (2020)

While safety and health are our top priority, there is also an economic reality that we must manage. Staffing, maintaining, and operating an inn of our size during extended periods of low occupancy—is quite simply, unrealistic. The economic impact has already been many tens of thousands of dollars loss, in a business that is low margin in the best of times. And for our small-but-amazing part-time staff, asking them to stay on at very few sporadic hours was simply unreasonable in comparison to their other options. Rather than try to operate uneconomically in times of chaos, juggling cancellations with unknowable risks to health and safety, we find no compelling human need to hemorrhage our way through the coming months. We just can’t make sense of it.

In summary, and since there are plenty of local lodging options, we feel an abundance of caution is the right move. We hope you understand, and humbly request that you stay connected, and return to see us just as soon as possible after our re-opening.

Finally, please know that we miss you. We consider our guests friends, and many of you are like family. Please know that serving guests like you is truly a pleasure. We’ll hold you close in our hearts. We’re saddened, many times to tears, at the thought of missing your visits this season. But we’ll look forward to brighter days ahead. We will maintain the web site, respond to emails, and even issue updates on our blog, so please keep in touch. Most importantly, we wish you safety and peace during these challenging times.


Steve and Stephanie

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