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Through the years we’ve experienced our share of mission statements, strategic plans, visioning, and other “isms” designed to clarify what a person or business stands for and is. When we bought the inn, I (Steve) always had a desire to articulate something that captured the spirit and intent of our genuine desire to make the home a warm and welcome place for everyone. Today, given all the unsafe places in the world, we wanted to post a draft of our plans for it to always remain this way.

It’s Been One Year!

We made it through our entire first year of owning and operating The Kalamazoo House, so it seemed like a good time to look back and take stock. Let’s start with the highlights of fun stuff, in no particular order.

Inside the Life of an Innkeeper

Ever thought of being an Innkeeper? Ever wonder what it’s really like to run a ten-room inn? Me neither. At least not until early in the summer of 2014, when a mutual friend encouraged us to talk with Laurel and Terry Parrott about their intentions to sell the Kalamazoo House. Obviously we have ever since been on a crash course in innkeeping, and it’s my goal to better document that journey for those guests, family members, and friends who wish to join us as vicarious new innkeepers. 

Two Observations

Greetings again from the loft apartment at the Kalamazoo House. My best intentions notwithstanding, you might notice our volume of posts here and on Facebook were down a bit these last two weeks. In a word: flurry. That could apply to our days, or it could just as well apply to the weather; who’d have thought …

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A Special Day!

Greetings, dear friends of the Kalamazoo House. The focus here is always on our guests, and still is today, but we hope you might indulge us in a bit of shop talk. You see, it’s an exciting day for all of us today. Terry and Laurel finally get to start their transition to some travel …

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