Breakfast at the Kalamazoo House

At the Kalamazoo House, the word for breakfast is "choice".

Each morning guests of the Kalamazoo House will enjoy a 2-course gourmet breakfast. Whenever possible, we use locally sourced ingredients and products from Kalamazoo and the surrounding area.

Breakfast begins with our freshly ground coffee from a local roaster, Magnum Coffee Roastery, all-natural juices, and teas. 

The first course starts with a seasonal fresh fruit dish that ranges from our signature Brûlée Banana and Berries, Streusel Baked Apples, delicious fruit parfaits, or smoothies. 

The second course is a special entrée of the day created by our very own Chef Amy. Her culinary delights alternate daily between sweet and savory dishes, providing you with a delicious start to your day in Kalamazoo.  Each day a new menu is set out for guests to choose their entrée for the next morning as well as their breakfast meats. Some choices range from a delectable sweet dish, which could be a Raspberry-Stuffed Croissant French Toast, or a savory dish, like our wonderful Roast Red Pepper, Spinach, and Parmesan Frittata.

We have properly spaced our tables and chairs in the expansive dining room to ensure social distancing. In the warmer months and weather permitting, guests can choose to dine out on the front porch.   

Grab and Go Breakfast for Early Business Workers or Leisure Travelers
Guests who would like this option can let us know the day before. Offerings may not always be the same but will include a protein (such as yogurt cup, hard-boiled egg, cheese), fruit, bread and grains (such as muffin, Danish, granola bar), and juice.

Have dietary requirements? 
We are happy to accommodate dietary allergies or restrictions such as nut allergies, lactose intolerant, gluten-free, vegetarian, diabetic, or vegan. Please let us know of your dietary restriction when making your reservation.  

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