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Kalamazoo house | to our cherished guests -- an exciting introduction and a sincere thank you. 6

To our cherished guests — An exciting Introduction and a sincere Thank You.

2020 has been a year to remember for all of us, and everyone is hoping 2021 brings positive changes.   We find ourselves reflecting on the months since reopening the Kalamazoo House this summer, but first we have an exciting announcement to make about one positive change taking place right now. A Warm Hello … …

To our cherished guests — An exciting Introduction and a sincere Thank You. Read More »

Kalamazoo house | guest blog: the second "b" is for breakfast 9

Guest Blog: The Second “B” is for Breakfast

Breakfast at the Kalamazoo House looks a little bit different from what you might find at other bed & breakfasts, but guests who visit this historic Michigan inn may not know what this morning rush entails. Let’s pull back the curtain and take a closer look at what goes on when the owners and proprietors, Stephanie and Steve, are serving up your hot breakfast first thing in the morning. 

Innkeepers and Label Makers

What do doilies and label makers have in common? Among innkeepers, those who for a living own and operate a bed and breakfast, they are the source of much conversation, ridicule, and surprisingly enough—twelve step programs for innkeepers. Today, I pen my confession.

Bicyclers On Your Mark! Kalamazoo’s Bike Trails Await You!

Don’t let my picture from the 100-year flood of Feb 26th, 2018 fool you. Or for that matter, the few remaining slushy snowfalls that are still inevitable (as of this writing on Feb 28th, when the waters have already receded). The fact is, bikers love Kalamazoo! And The Kalamazoo House is the perfect place to combine your cycling with evening entertainment, great breweries, outstanding music and theatre, and access to miles and miles of great bike trails.

Your Check-in just got easier with Streamlined Self Check-in

From printing your boarding pass and skipping check-in at the airport, to going straight to your rental car, the travel industry has gotten the message: Take the hassles and friction points out of travel! So last year when over 44% of our guests enjoyed our “hassle free self check-in,” it got us thinking: it might be time to rethink some of the traditional, default B&B practices like “check-in appointments” and “check-in windows.” And maybe time to stop badgering people about when they’ll arrive. After all, they’re on vacation, or traveling for business. Let’s make it easier!

Lessons From a Supposedly Free Trip

We’re biased, but a recent opportunity to sneak away for “free” to Chicago for a couple nights drove home an interesting observation. Okay, actually, Steph had to work, and I was merely tagging along to mooch a free getaway to the big city I love, and enjoy a little down time, but still.

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