Directions To Kalamazoo House

Our Address Is: 447 West South Street, Kalamazoo MI 49007

Note: Our parking area is tight. If you have a very large vehicle, you may want to take advantage of street parking temporarily while you decide whether to use the back lot. If you are pulling a trailer of any size, please don’t continue to the back parking lot.

  • South Street is a one-way street heading East, and our address of 447 W. South Street is 1/2 block east of Westnedge Avenue (which is a one-way street heading South).
  • The goal is to be SOUTHBOUND on Westnedge and turn left onto South Street, where we are immediately on the right side of South Street (447 W. South St); OR, to be eastbound on South Street crossing over Westnedge as you arrive from Stadium Drive or the west side of town.
  • If you are northbound on Westnedge–which is actually called Park Street downtown–it is easiest to pass South Street and make three quick left turns to come around the small block and arrive as described above, southbound on Westnedge.
  • PARKING for small and mid-size vehicles is behind the house. Though relatively tight, there are five spots behind the house that we appreciate filling first. If FULL, of for LARGER vehicles, the alternative is to pull around (unload if needed) and proceed directly across the street to the surface lot. That lot is owned by the KIA museum next door, and they’re very kind to our overnight guests; no tag is currently needed, but please try to park in the back/left, and consider stopping in their gift shop in thanks for their support of the Kalamazoo House.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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