Two Wheels of Fun in Kalamazoo This Summer

There’s so much to love about late spring, summer, and fall in beautiful Kalamazoo, Michigan – and the chance to get out on a bike to explore top-rated Michigan bike trails like our local Kal Haven Trail is just the beginning! There are many fantastic things to do in Kalamazoo – so much so that you’ll need more than one trip to enjoy it all. 

Whether you choose to kayak on the Kalamazoo River, bike on the Kal Haven Trail, explore our top-rated museums, restaurants, breweries, and more, or just unwind with us at our leading Bed and Breakfast in Michigan, we’re pretty confident that you’ll fall in love with Kalamazoo the same way we have. 

With the weather reaching much more comfortable daytime temperatures and ever warmer weather not too far away, there’s never been a better time to plan your trip to beautiful Kalamazoo. Leave winter in the rearview mirror and enjoy a fun-filled adventure with us this year. Book your room at our Bed and Breakfast in Michigan today! 

A tree-filled section of michigan bike trails like the kal haven trail near our bed and breakfast in michigan

A Great Ride on the Kal Haven Trail

The Kal Haven Trail is one of the newer Michigan bike trails, which certainly does not disappoint. The trail, which was formerly known as the Kal Haven Trail Sesquicentennial State Park, is a 34-mile trail that travels between Kalamazoo and South Haven. 

The Kal Haven Trail starts at Kal Haven State Park, just six miles from our Bed and Breakfast in Michigan. Though the Kal Haven Trail is multi-use, it’s most popular for biking. The surface is crushed limestone, which makes it easy for various modes of transportation, bikes included. 

Like many of the top-rated Michigan Bike Trails, the Kal Haven Trail follows the tracks of a former railroad and has done wonders in revitalizing this once-abandoned land and breathing new life and recreational opportunities into the area. It’s also a fun and scenic way to travel between the two popular cities of Kalamazoo and South Haven. 

As the Kal Haven Trail begins, you’ll find yourself biking through urban landscapes in downtown Kalamazoo. Before you know it, though, you’ll be surrounded by the quaint towns and rural farmland surrounding us. Continue on your journey, and you’ll pass several diverse habitats, including wetlands, before ending up on the scenic shores of Lake Michigan.

The scenery isn’t the only thing to enjoy along the way, though. There are also several sites of historical interest along the Kal Haven Trail, including the paper mills of Kalamazoo, the world’s center for peppermint production, and so much more. If you make it to the trail’s end, don’t forget to enjoy some of the best things to do in South Haven, MI, too! 

People riding bikes on other michigan bike trails besides the kal haven trail

Other Great Michigan Bike Trails Near Kalamazoo

As great as the Kal Haven Trail is, it’s just one of the many great Michigan bike trails worth riding this summer. Arguably, one of the most significant Michigan bike trails is the Great Lake to Lake Route 1, which traverses Michigan connecting South Haven to Port Huron, an astounding 275 miles away. With excellent connector trails like this in the area, it’s easy to see how Michigan bike trails can be used to create one spectacular adventure on two wheels this summer!

Aside from the Kal Haven Trail and the Great Lake to Lake Route 1, there are other great Michigan bike trails in the area worth experiencing. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

The Kal Haven Trail is just the beginning of the adventures you’ll enjoy when you stay with us at our Bed and Breakfast in Michigan! Pack your helmets and book a room at our Kalamazoo Bed and Breakfast today.

A man riding his bike on top Michigan Bike Trails like the Kal Haven Trail near our Bed and Breakfast in Michigan
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